San Francisco: Using Technology for Smarter Parking Management, 2013

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Drivers that are cruising for parking in San Francisco are estimated to account for one third of traffic in the city. In addition to contributing to congestion and greenhouse gas emissions, distracted drivers endanger other road users such as cyclists and pedestrians. The SFpark approach seeks to address these issues with better parking management. Administered by the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) and with funding from the Department of Transportation Urban Partnership, SFpark uses real-time data and demandresponse pricing to ensure one available parking spot per block at all times. To increase ease of use, updated SFpark meters accept multiple payment types and have extended time limits. 8,200 sensors provide real-time parking availability data for drivers and are accessible via mobile phone app or internet. Demandresponse pricing adjusts costs to encourage people to park in underutilized space. Preliminary program results reflect positively on the program and reveal a 29% increase in meter revenue and a 35% decrease in parking citations, although no hard evidence has shown significant changes in parking behavior yet. This innovative solution demonstrates how a local government can tackle parking problems, while maintaining revenue and providing safer and healthier streets for the community

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