Workshop on Sustainable Urban Mobility and Urban Planning at the Better Air Quality 2016 Conference

Together with Clean Air Asia (CAA) and GIZ, ICLEI conducted a workshop on Land-use and transport on the 02 September 2016 during the Better Air Quality Workshop in Busan, Rep. of Korea.
Attended by participants from academia, city governments, practitioners, the workshop was a very interactive discussion among the participants and trainers, Prof Paul Barter (National university of Singapore); Mr Michel Arnd (GIZ); Ms Kathleen Dematera (Clean Air Asia) and Mr Sunny Kodukula (ICLEI).
The topics of the workshop included:
– Land-use and transport: What is the reaction between land-use and transport, how can cities benefit from proper land-use and transport interaction and how can such interaction be economically advantageous
– Travel Demand Management : how to control the need to travel and what are the options that exist i.e. economic instruments, parking measures, improvements etc.
– Public Transport planning: What kind of public transport does a city require, the method of public transport planning, what are the factors that influence the decision of people to take (or continue taking) public transport
– Walkability in Cities: The various conditions that enable walking in cities, factors that deter people from walking, examples from research conducted in various cities and the conclusions
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