Why bike-sharing is safer

Studies have shown that in the USA, there has been a zero fatality rate in bike sharing and a report by the Mineta Transportation Institute states that bike share has lower collision and injury rates than personal bikes. Full report available here. Reasons why this might be include:

  • Design: Bikes in public bike-sharing systems are heavier, have fewer gears and have drum breaks which makes them slower, more stable and break better.
  • Appropriate areas: The areas where bike sharing are set are usually low density and slower-moving which make drivers more alert and speed limit is 30mph.
  • Low riding experienced users: These users tend to be more cautious and low risk.

Many of the EcoMobility Alliance cities have bike sharing systems that have proven to be successful in the promotion of their ecomobile agendas.

Read more: http://www.vox.com/2016/4/3/11349856/bike-share-safety

Image: nextbike