Welcoming Leipzig to the EcoMobility Alliance

The EcoMobility Alliance continues to grow as we welcome our new member: Leipzig, Germany. Our participation is now made up of over 20 cities in 13 countries in several regions of the world which covers a total population of over 47 million people. The work that our Alliance cities are doing have been representative and inspirational for many other cities to learn from. This was recently shown in the participation of our Alliance cities in various projects and international events. As the Alliance secretariat ICLEI makes sure that the work of Alliance cities receives global recognition and the good practices are replicated throughout the world.

  1. Leipzig’s goals within the Alliance

Leipzig’s sustainable transportation systems and strong, pedestrian-friendly city center make it a model for a European compact city. The city center is designed for pedestrians and accommodates the elderly, with large pedestrian areas, rest zones, and a car-reduced system. Leipzig has also taken measures to expand its public transportation network, and now has the second-largest network in Germany after Berlin.

DSC_3436_Leipzig_bike parking best

Leipzig’s bike parking

In conjunction with its promotion of public transport, it has also taken steps to limit the presence of cars in the city center. Leipzig is working to expand its cycling network and become a more bicycle-friendly city. With the development of a bike-sharing program, larger areas for bicycle parking, and over 436 km of bicycle paths and lanes, Leipzig now has almost 4 times more cyclists on the streets than they did 20 years ago. As result of its efforts, Leipzig won the German National Award for Sustainable Cities in 2012 for its quality of life and urban structure. The city is also the host for the OECD’s International Transport Forum held annually, and brings together key decision makers from countries and cities to deliberate on transportation at a national and local level.

Leipzig aims to extend the inner city car reduced zone by factor 10, a very ambitious mid-term goal. Thus, within the Alliance, Leipzig wishes to exchange and consult on how such an expansion can be anchored and secured from a political, planning and communication perspective.

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