Welcoming Curitiba, Brasil to the EcoMobility Alliance


We are pleased to introduce our new EcoMobility Alliance city: Curitiba, Brasil, who recently joined us. Curitiba is clearly a leading city in sustainable mobility with a long path ensuring people-oriented city planning and the challenging target that the city has taken up to give priority to greener and cleaner forms of transport.

“The more elements related to these issues , the city will be better . There will be more contact between people and more diversity, contributing to the sites become more humanized “(Jaime Lerner)

curitibaProjects such as urban acupuncture, integrated transport network, calming and pedestrian areas, parklets, increasing the accessibility to urban areas, expanding and upgrading bicycle facilities, and renovating and increasing the appeal of public transportation are some of the ongoing projects. We strongly think that the experience of Curitiba is very valuable for the other cities that wish to push their ecomobile agendas further.

Curitiba hopes to contribute to network not only with successful experiences , but also hope to learn from the other cities: what are the problems they have and how they have been solved so they can face the challenges presented in Curitiba. Curitiba has interest in working with the issues of bicycles, TOD, transportation systems of medium and large capacity and policies to discourage car use .