Urban Mobility Plan of Barcelona 2013-2018 featuring “Superblocks”

With a clear regulatory framework set in place, the city of Barcelona has created its Urban Mobility Plan of Barcelona 2013-2018. The objectives include safe, sustainable, equitable and efficient mobility. It is expected to reduce the number of accidents associated with mobility, facilitate modal shift towards more sustainable modes, reduce air pollution, ensure accessibility and increase transport efficiency. The city has also set up a set of clear targets for 2018 as seen in the picture below.

targetsThe main lines of actions include the “Superblocks” arrangement which creates traffic calming and arranges the different transport networks including cycling, public transport and regulating parking and service vehicles. Whit this measures, the city aims at shifting private vehicle use towards more ecomobile modes including walking, cycling and public transport by 2018. The Superblocks model allows for multiple uses and functions as well as creating more space for pedestrians, improving accessibility, air quality, acoustic comfort and overall liveability in the city area.

Download presentation of the Urban Mobility Plan of Barcelona 2013-2018

Images: Agencia de Ecología Urbana de Barcelona