Frequently Asked Questions

What is the TUMI Network of High Ambition Leaders?

The TUMI Network of High Ambition Leaders aims to gather the needs of experts and practitioners with the ambition to transform mobility in their city, while offering a platform for common local actions and peer-to-peer exchanges.

What are the benefits of joining the TUMI Network?
  • Network and share your achievements and challenges with ambitious leaders around the world.
  • Access to exclusive collaborative learning experiences on key mobility themes.
  • Visibility in awareness and communication campaigns.
  • Priority access to capacity building and technical assistance offered by the TUMI initiative.
What is expected from the participants?
  • Share your experience by joining the TUMI platform and a thematic working group.
  • Commitment and active participation – 4 hours/month.
  • » Appoint an expert in mobility with working knowledge of English.
    » Attend monthly e-meetings and webinars.
    » Attend in-person meetings (upon invitation).
What is the TUMI Initiative?

The Transformative Urban Mobility Initiative (TUMI) enables leaders in developing countries and emerging economies to create sustainable urban mobility. It offers technical and financial support for innovative ideas. In TUMI the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) has brought together some of the world’s leading institutions working on sustainable mobility with city networks and think tanks to implement projects on site where they are needed most.

Partners include ADB, CAF, WRI, ITDP, UN-Habitat, SLoCaT, ITDP, ICLEI, GIZ, KfW and C40. A transition towards sustainable urban mobility requires a shift in policy making and investment decisions. TUMI will support projects, leadership development and career building for urban leaders, decision-makers, planners and students; ultimately connecting 1000 leaders worldwide. We believe in capacity building, mobilization of investments and supporting approaches on the ground as the most effective measures to follow the set goals and achieving a more sustainable urban future.

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What is the platform homepage?

The platform homepage is what you see when you log into the platform.

It includes your Activity Feed, the constantly updating list of posts from peer leaders, a list of key mobility themes, upcoming TUMI events, and photo gallery. You can react to things you see or search for people and topics that matter to you.

How do I add links, photos or videos?

To add and post photos to the platform homepage:

  1. Click photo/video/link icon at the top of your Activity Feed or timeline.
  2. Select the photos you want to add and click Upload a file.
  3. Or past your image/video/link URLs
  4. Click Post in and choose the group that you want to post in
  5. Click Post update


We have created a list of thematic groups here:

Groups provide a space to communicate about shared interests with certain people. People who join a group can get updates about the group, such as posts, links, photos or videos, in their emails. You can also opt for subscription of weekly digest of any group.

Friending and messaging

You can add a friend by searching for them and sending them a friend request.

Messaging on the platform lets you instantly reach people you care about. You can send public or private message to them.

Upcoming events

Events let you respond to gatherings in the real world. You can find information about event logistics, agenda, program, speakers, presentations and event photos on the events page or the platform homepage.

How do I log into my TUMI network account?

To log into your TUMI network account:

Go to and enter one of the following:

  • Email:You can log in with your email
  • Username:You can also log in with your username.

Enter your password: for security reasons, your password has been sent to you in a separate email titled “[EcoMobility] Your username and password info”. You can follow the link in the email to reset your password.

If your password isn't working or you don't remember your password:
About your profile and settings

Your profile tells your story.

You can set your profile photo, cover image and can share your job position, organization, and contact information such as email address and phone number. You can choose who to share with.

Your profile includes your Timeline, where you can see your own posts and posts you’ve been tagged in.

You can also change your password here.


Notifications are updates about activity, mentions@ via email or toolbar bubble. You can go to your notifications settings on the right corner of the platform homepage to change how you’re notified.

How to install and update the TUMI Network app for your device?

You can use TUMI Network to stay connected on many devices including iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows and feature phones. To see what’s new with the app and install the latest version, you can visit your phone’s app store and search for “TUMI Network of High Ambition Leaders”.

More information coming soon!

Looking for something else?

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