Transformation of Austin’s Mobility System

Austin, Texas is one of the fastest growing cities in the US and along with this great transportation challenges. To bring solutions to the city, the Rocky Mountain Institute partnered with the city of Austin to bring enhanced transit information; a wide variety of affordable, convenient, and tech-enabled multi-modal commuter options; electrification of high-mileage fleets like taxis and ride-sharing companies; accelerated deployment of autonomous vehicles; and land use code enhancements for mobility-oriented city development. All of this is meant to shift from private automobile use towards non motorized transport. Austin has created a Community Climate Plan that promotes a sustainable and integrated transport system.

The Rocky Mountain Institute is developing a commuting solutions marketplace that connects demand with supply from mobility providers. Other partners include transit authorities, universities, car hiring companies, app developers to come up with an appropriate transit data system available for users.

“It’s really only at the community level that you can understand the interdependencies and craft a whole-system solution for replacing today’s personal-vehicle-based mobility system that can then serve as a replicable model for other communities.” -Greg Rucks, a principal in RMI’s mobility practice.



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Photo: TLVShac via Flickr, Creative Commons license (CC BY-NC 2.0).