Technical Expert Meeting on shifting to more Efficient Public Transport and increasing Energy Efficiency of Vehicles

The UNFCCC Technical Experts Meeting on Shifting to More Efficient Public Transport and Increasing Energy Efficiency of Vehicles was hosted this May in Bonn, Germany.

During this meeting, a general overview of the landscape of mitigation opportunities in the transport sector and discuss solutions and innovative policies for the decarbonisation of public transport was provided. The second part of the meeting was focused on discussing issues related to best practice national policies, tools and schemes as well as multilateral initiatives and partnerships, and options to develop low-carbon public transport. Finally the last part of the session focused on discuss issues relating to policies and technologies promoting energy efficiency of vehicles, including fuel economy, and clean and efficient transport infrastructure.

Public transport integration in Colombia

Our Alliance Cities, Medellin and Bogota, where represented by the Ministry of Transport, Mr. Giuseppe De Andreis Berrio who has presented on policies and measures to encourage modal shift towards cycling. Policies to support cycling through transport policy and action plans have created better results that expected. The ministry representative also mentioned that it is important to support tourism in cities through shared bicycle systems as a great opportunity to boost the low-carbon mobility.

Outcomes of such meeting included a call for a range of solutions to decarbonise transport. There is a need to solve the issue in cities some are not moving fast enough to accelerate implementation of sustainable transport as well as to incentivize increment Technologies. Acceleration of supporting frameworks has been seen as an important step to remove barriers to sustainable transport. Finally, measure indicators which are quantitative and quality.


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