Rosario, Aregentina visits the EcoMobility World Festival this October 2015

Rosario, Argentina is part of the EcoMobility Alliance

The EcoMobility Alliance city of Rosario, Argentina was present at the EcoMobility World Festival in Johannesburg this October 2015. The city presented:

Rosario: commitment and management for a Sustainable Mobility
Mónica Alvarado, Sub Secretary of Mobility and Safety, Rosario Municipality, Argentina
The city of Rosario has a Pact of mobility that is the expression of the will of all the citizens of Rosario to set common criteria on the desired mobility of the city. The PIM is a flexible, participatory document. It is product of discussions and consensus among the multiple actors in society. The concretion involved the signing of the Pact of mobility Rosario. The Pact stands as the expression of the will of all Rosario´s citizen to set common criteria on the desired city´s mobility.” The municipality of Rosario has a body called Mobility Entity of Rosario whose vision turns to a sustainable, accessible and integrated mobility which meets the needs of citizens.

The Local Leaders’ Roundtable on Road to Paris: Transport and Climate Change provided insight for mayors and local leaders into innovative and latest policies and approaches to sustainable urban transportation. Through their exchange and input by world leading experts they may sharpen their views and arguments, with a focus on why sustainable urban transportation system provide a relevant contribution to a low carbon development of cities.
The Roundtable finalized with the “Johannesburg Declaration on EcoMobility and Climate Smart Cities” a message from local leaders to the UN Climate Conference (COP21) in Paris in December, 2015. To see the Declaration visit the website.