Case Studies

The Case Study series highlights the role of EcoMobility Alliance cities and other local governments as key drivers and implementers of sustainable mobility. The case studies highlight each city’s approaches to ecomobility and other innovative models and learning to encourage wider dissemination and replication worldwide.

Kaohsiung City Creating a world class culture of ecomobility, 2017
City Council of Almada, Portugal Special delivery! A Sustainable Urban Logistics Plan, 2017
City of Leipzig, Germany – Promoting livability through sustainable transportation, 2017
Kochi City, India – Ecomobility in one of India’s leading Smart Cities, 2017
City of Belo Horizonte, Brazil – A safety-first strategy for sustainable mobility, 2017
Bonn: Enabling companies to address mobility management, 2013
CS_164_Boulder 2013_Page_1
Boulder: An example of an integrated transportation system, 2013
CS_159 Bremen 2013_Page_1
Bremen, Germany: A role model for car-sharing is targeting 20,000 users by 2020, 2013
ICLEI cs_166_Perugia_2014_Page_1
Perugia, Italy Transit alternatives improving sustainable accessibility in a historic, hilly town, 2013
CS_163 Portland 2013_Page_1
Portland-Milwaukie Light Rail Transit Project: Managing Growth Sustainably through Transit Alternatives, 2013
CS_162 San Francisco_2013_Page_1
San Francisco: Using Technology for Smarter Parking Management, 2013
CS_165 Bogota 2013_Page_1
Bogotá, Colombia: Building a plan to transform non-motorized transport in Bogotá, 2013