Reshaping cities for ecomobility: strategies and tactics

The EcoMobility Dialogues 2015 in Johannesburg, South Africa began with the daylong session on “Reshaping cities for ecomobility: strategies and tactics”.

Many of us would like our cities to have more sustainable transport systems. And many of our local leaders feel the same. The congestion and pollution caused by cars is something that everyone would like to avoid. We know what the solutions are: more public transport, more bikes, more walking; better infrastructure for sustainable mobility; more sharing. We have visions of quieter, greener cities and healthier populations. The question is: how do we get there?

 “There is no single solution, but that a mixture of measures will all add up to a big change and bring about the behaviour change needed to have our future populations moving to employment, for business and leisure in a sustainable way.“ Camilla Ween, Urban Design and Transportation, Director Goldstein Ween Architects, London, UK

Case studies from various parts of the world on how changes in the urban form affected the mobility situation in the cities were presented to answer this question. The dialogue looked at opportunities presented by: policy, integrated approaches with other issues, multi-modal institutional arrangements, green building designs, open data, language, as well as citizen engagement to identify mobility needs and innovative solutions.The daylong session ended with a chaired discussion on how such short-term fixes can grow political will for long-term solutions and what is the appropriate balance between such measures and longer term planning.


Ecomobility built environment interventions Yondela Silimela, Executive Director: Development Planning, City of Johannesburg, South Africa (download presentation)

Case studies:

  1. The Importance of Integrated Spatial Development and Transport Strategies: London and Global Lessons: Camilla Ween, Urban Design and Transportation, Director Goldstein Ween Architects, United Kingdom (download presentation)
  2. San Francisco Transport Strategy: Timothy Papandreou, Director, Strategic Planning & Policy, San Francisco’s Municipal Transport Agency, USA (download presentation)
  3. Urban Acupuncture in Curitiba: Ariadne Giacomazzi Mattei Manzi, IPPUC Planning Supervisor, Brazil (download presentation)
  4. The Role of Green Building in EcoMobility: Thulani Kuzwayo, Green Buildings Council, South Africa (download presentation)
  5. Smart Moving Kampala-Contextualizing & Communicating the bigger picture of sustainable mobility: Amanda Ngabirano Aziidah, Urban and Regional Planner lecturer, Makerere University Kampala (download presentation)