What we do


EcoMobility gives priority to walking, cycling, public transport, shared mobility and light green vehicles. It promotes commute through integrated, socially inclusive, and environmentally-friendly options without depending on privately-owned vehicles.

Sustainable and accessible mobility is at the core of a livable city. Today, cities are experiencing unprecedented levels of automobile and freight traffic resulting in air pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, congestion and accidents. By enabling communities to access goods, services and information sustainably, ecomobility can improve quality of life, increase mobility options, and create more accessible public space.

We use four key principles to guide our work:

  • Avoid – the need to travel long or inconvenient distances through better urban planning and integrated land-use management;
  • Shift – towards increasing the share of environmentally friendly modes of mobility such as walking, biking, use of public transport;
  • Improve – energy efficiency and vehicle technology and optimize use of public transport;
  • Integrate – networks and systems to provide multi-modal transportation systems and deliver a seamless travel experience for users.

Guided by these principles, we design our activities to facilitate sustainable urban development in each of our program areas.

Our program areas
Our approach

Peer-to-peer exchange

We lead knowledge exchange and spark city-to-city connections worldwide. Together with international partners, we provide proven policy advice on sustainable urban transport and create space for innovation solutions for urban mobility.

Performance measurement for cities

Through the EcoMobility SHIFT and EcoLogistics self-monitoring tool, we support cities to access and analyze their urban mobility performance, act to improve, and establish a path for continuous advancement.

Capacity building

We design and conduct training courses, workshops and webinars, with the EcoMobility Congress and EcoMobility Days as the flagship events. We develop and disseminate knowledge products on all aspects of sustainable urban mobility, such as case studies and technical documents.