New partner for EcoMobility: World’s Road Transport Organisation (IRU)

New partner for EcoMobility: World’s Road Transport Organisation (IRU)

IRU is the global industry association for road transport, driving the sustainable mobility of people and goods across the planet.

IRU leads solutions to help the world move better, supporting trade, economic growth, jobs, safety, the environment and communities. IRU’s work spans more than 100 countries. Its core constituents are national transport associations and transport operators. But they also work closely with business, governments, the UN and international organisations. At the heart of IRU are millions of journeys across the planet every day: people and goods moving to where they need to be, in buses, coaches, taxis or trucks, for all, or even just a small part, of their journey.

“IRU believes in mobility that supports economies, jobs, security, the environment and communities.”

The road transport sector is now working towards the remaining challenge of reducing CO2 emissions and has proactively adopted IRU’s “30 by 30” Resolution – a pledge from the entire road transport industry to cut its CO2 emissions by 30% by 2030.

IRU 30 by 30 Resolution

Read more about IRU’s work on the environmental field:

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  • Eco-driving training helps to further reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by up to 10%. Read.
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  • Buses and coaches replace up to 80 cars thus reducing fuel consumption, congestion and CO2 emissions! Read.  
  • Congestion is responsible for 100 billion litres of wasted fuel, or 250 billion tonnes of CO2 in the United States alone! Read.
  • Traffic congestion increases CO2 emissions by 300%! Read.
  • Road transport taxes should be invested in roads to reduce CO2 emissions! Read.

A unique feature of the EcoMobility Alliance is the group of Partners from different organization types and sectors: experts, governmental organizations, international agencies, research institutes, NGOs, and businesses. Our newest partner IRU, is the world’s road transport organisation.Only organizations that are able to support cities with excellence in the field of EcoMobility will be invited to become official Partners. The Alliance Partners form an integral part of the network and contribute to the progress of the Alliance.

Look out for our upcoming activities with our partner and the EcoMobility Alliance Cities including working groups with IRU on the topics of:

  • Unscheduled passenger transport (Taxi of the Future), including in particular taxis and informal public transport.
  • Coach of the future, to address issues related to technologies and alternative propulsion systems/fuels, to allow long distance coaches to meet increasingly stringent city requirements on greenhouse gases and CO2 emissions.
  • EcoLogistics, to cover topics related to road freight transport and urban freight deliveries, including potential cooperation within externally funded projects related to this topic.
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IRU members

Like any other human activity, road transport has an environmental impact. IRU’s challenge is to lower, as much as possible, the environmental footprint of road transport, notably through increased fuel-efficiency and noise reduction.