Mexico City joins the EcoMobility Alliance this December 2015

This December 2015, Mexico City has joined the EcoMobility Alliance.

Mexico City is transforming the paradigm of mobility to one in which people become the center of planning in the city. This administration has decided to stop investing only in vehicles to start investing in sustainable mobility for pedestrians, cyclists and public transport users. This is reflected in the long term with the approval of the Law of Mobility of Mexico City in June 2014, it is the legal instrument governing the city and provides guidelines to promote sustainable mobility, improve road safety and invest in a transportation system that allows more people to move. Also, the General Development Program Mexico City, Integral Mobility Program and Climate Action Program established guidelines that contribute to the definition of Ecomobility and seeking to create an integrated transport system, promote non-motorized mobility in order to have a long-term sustainable city.

Mexico City is a metropolis with more than 21.1 million people in its metropolitan area. It also has a mobility challenge with over 21 million daily trips . Currently, Mexico City has 5.3 million vehicles and is in the process of transforming the paradigm of mobility.

Mexico City joined the EcoMobility Alliance to increase technical capacity and jointly, have a collective learning with cities and partners that belong to the alliance. As well as being a leader in mobility issues for the rest of the cities with similar contexts.  Thus, increasing the long-term impact of changes in pedestrian mobility , cycling and public transport .