Lee Kuan Yew World City Prize 2016 to Medellin

“Honouring outstaning contributions towards creating livable and sustainable urban communities around the world”.

The Lee Kuan Yew World City Prize, an award for livability, vibrancy, sustainability and quality award was awarded this year to the EcoMobility Alliance city of Medellin, Colombia. Medellin was awarded for its outstanding achievement of leaving a past of unsafety during the past 15-20 years and becoming today a “City for Life” where citizens have the equal opportunity to develop healthy and happy lifestyles. The city leaders of Medellin have resourced to innovation and creativity to face the city’s own challenges and always aiming for social equity.

mar16-1Within the interventions, urban mobility was a large contributor to these achievements and interventions where implemented equally across the city despite limited resources. Some of the interventions include public parks, a network of escalators in difficult to reach areas of the city, new tram lines and the world famous metro cable.

Results of the interventions have revealed and increase in Gross domestic product (GDP), more employment and a measured improvement in safety. For its efforts, the city of Medellin has rightfully earned this years Laureate prize and hopes to inspire other cities around the world to create more cities that promote a better life.

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Source: 2016 PRIZE LAUREATE: MEDELLÍN, http://www.leekuanyewworldcityprize.com.sg/laureate_medellin.htm

Image: Connecting marginalised hillside communities to the rest of the city with the MetroCable in  Medellín © Municipality of Medellín

More about the prize on the video here.