International Summer School – “Sustainable Mobility”

After last year’s International Summer School “Sustainable Mobility – Made in Leipzig” the City of Izmir has taken up the initiative and invites for an International Summer School to Izmir from the 13th of August till the 20th of August 2017! The event is organized by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality in cooperation with İzmir University of Economics.

As part of Leipzig’s engagement to the EcoMobility Alliance, the city would like to invite Alliance Cities to a Workshop planned in 2016 from 15 – 19 August 2016: International Summer School “Sustainable Mobility – Made in Leipzig in cooperation with the University of Technology Dresden. Partner cities of Leipzig and other cities are invited to join Leipzig for these days.

The mentioned International Summer School consists of lectures that are to be conducted with various study groups, field visits, technical visits and open public panels; all related to sustainable transportation.

A total attendance of 60 participants from different countries is expected; involving experts, academicians and other related people who all work in the field of sustainable transportation. 4 working groups under different themes will be formed and the participants will be expected to submit proposals on the themes that they work on.

We anticipate the participation of doctoral students, young academicians and experts who those are specialized on the fields listed below:

  • Transportation and mobility planning
  • Street designs and application
  • City planning and design
  • Landscaping and open area architecture
  • Urban planning and architecture
  • Urban sociology and economy
  • Transportation psychology
  • Urban geography

Registration to the International Summer School is free of charge. International and local transportation as well as the accommodation expenses of those who are accepted for participation will be covered by the Organization. Participants are expected to actively participate in weekly activities, lessons, panels and workshops.

The language of the Summer School is English. However, there will be Turkish-English and English-Turkish translation in the presentations and the public panel.

Working Groups and Working Topics

The theme of the Summer School is “Sustainable Mobility”. Some subject headings are determined related to what the cities can do in a sustainable scale. Presentations of those subjects will be provided by experts from:

  • İzmir Metropolitan Municipality
  • İzmir University of Economics
  • The City of Bremen
  • The City of Dresden
  • The City of Leipzig
  • Technische Universitat Kaiserslautern
  • European Institute for Sustainable Transport
  • İzmir Institute of Technology

4 different working groups on 4 different subject headings are constituted. At the time of registration, the applicants will be asked which group they wish to attend and the distribution of the study groups will be determined taking into account these answers. The determined working groups and the study areas are stated below:

  1. (P) Planning Group – sustainable transport strategy study for the whole city * The working area of the planning group is the whole city.
  2. (D) Design Group – Street design work for a given street * The working area of the design group is a street to be determined.
  3. (W) Walking Group – Pedestrian access study for a given area * The working area of the pedestrian group is the historical city center.
  4. (C) Cycling Group – Bicycle transport study for a given area * The working area of the bicycle group is the whole city.

Regarding the above mentioned study areas, visits to the given areas during the whole week is expected. Finally, the findings will be turned into a presentation and it will be presented at the end of the week.

Technical visits on the topics mentioned above have been organized. Documents, tools and equipment required for technical visits will be provided by the Organization.

If you want to take part in International Summer School Izmir, please take a look at ISS Izmir Programme and outline and send an e-mail including your personal information to

The Goals of the International Summer School

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality is responsible from the planning and management of urban transportation. Within this scope, there are conducted works in order for the effective, efficient and sustainable development of İzmir’s transportation system. İzmir is chosen as the pilot city for the preparation of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMP) in Turkey by the force of an agreement which is signed between Turkey and the European Union with the World Bank. In a very short time, works for the preparation of a SUMP in İzmir will be commenced. Hereby, the organization of The International Summer School on Sustainable Mobility which will take place between August 13-20, 2017 will serve as a preparatory meeting in the name of those planning studies to be done in the future by means of knowledge and experience sharing and seeing the application on the selected study areas.

It will also provide a unique opportunity for the development and implementation of sustainable transport policies in cities, with sharing of the experiences of practitioners and the sharing of knowledge of academics, who are involved in previous work on sustainable mobility. Moreover, the establishment of a specialized communication network will guide the sharing of ideas in future works that are to be done.