Initiatives and projects

Our initiatives and projects are designed to facilitate integrated sustainable urban mobility.

EcoMobility Alliance


The EcoMobility Alliance is a network of ambitious cities, led by innovators and visionaries, supported by experts and businesses, committed to building a sustainable mobility future that is efficient, people-centered, low emission and environmentally-friendly.

EcoMobility World
Festival & Congress


The EcoMobility World Festival series by ICLEI is a month-long presentation of an innovative and forward thinking urban transportation culture. It is organized as a community-based mise-en-scène, during which one neighbourhood is temporarily converted into a vibrant ecomobile neighbourhood, which prioritises active mobility and public transit, to showcase a real-life vision of people centredurban living for the future.

The EcoMobility World Congress series complements  the EcoMobility World Festival to attract international experts to the Festival for them to witness the unique experiment and to discuss and share their experiences and opinions on car-free development.

EcoMobility Days


The EcoMobility Days combine the main elements that the EcoMobility Alliance offers its members: support cities to enhance its sustainable mobility; allow for good practice exchanges; provide tools and methodology for training and provide a space of high-level discussions.

EcoMobility SHIFT


The EcoMobility SHIFT scheme is a total quality management tool created by academia, non-governmental organizations and cities for use and implementation in cities. The tool enables cities to measure the performance of urban mobility, to establish a baseline and to identify areas for further development, ultimately helping cities to change their urban transport development trajectory and mobility plans.

EcoMobility SHIFT+


The EcoMobility SHIFT+ scheme is a methodology to (self)-assess cities’ mobility performance, analyze performance, act to improve and establish a path of continuous improvement. The EcoMobility SHIFT scheme was launched in 2013 has been adopted by European and Australian cities. In 2018, the scheme was updated to reflect the current debates on urban mobility system that is suitable for both developed and developing cities, known as EcoMobility SHIFT+.



Through EcoLogistics, ICLEI aims to advance effective regulatory, planning and logistical instruments at all levels of government, develop viable alternatives to low-quality, diesel-powered freight vehicles, highlight urban freight as a priority area for local, regional and national governments, strengthen institutional capacity through multi-stakeholder participation and encourage a multilevel governance approach to urban freight policy.



The overarching goal of the “CitiesSHIFT: Capacity building and networking for people and climate friendly cities” project is to support cities to identify challenges and opportunities of its urban mobility system in the hope that the city could shift towards more ecomobile modes of travel such as walking, cycling, shared and public transport.

TUMI Network


ICLEI is one of the founding partners of the Transformative Urban Mobility Initiative (TUMI). As part of this initiative, ICLEI launched the “TUMI Network of High Ambition Leaders” in Africa that enables local leaders and transport practitioners to exchange on sustainable urban mobility initiatives.