ICLEI and GIZ Workshop on Sustainable Urban Mobility and Urban Planning

Over 40 participants attended the GIZ and ICLEI workshop on Sustainable Urban Mobility and Urban Planning. The workshop was conducted during the biennial Cities for Mobility International conference from the 20-21 June 2016, in Stuttgart, Germany. The audience included academics, local government officials, mayors, practitioners and urban planners. The crux of the workshop is to underline the importance and the intrinsic link between urban planning and urban mobility. Mr Manfred Breithaupt from GIZ has opened the workshop with a presentation giving an overview of sustainable urban mobility and urban planning. Mr Santhosh Kodukula, EcoMobility Program Manager of ICLEI, delivered a presentation on Land-Use and Transport integration and on the concept of Transit Oriented Development(TOD).

Urban mobility cannot be planned or implemented without systematically integrating the plans with urban development. The integration needs to happen form a policy, infrastructure and institutional perspectives. The workshop also highlighted the importance of creating sustainable urban mobility plans and the need for vision and goal setting in cities. Majority of the participants hail from developing countries such as India, Indonesia, several African countries, Colombia, Brasil and other Latin American countries. The experiences shared in the presentations echoed with the comments shared by the participants. Lack of proper infrastructure, improper planning, lack of priority lead to a deteriorating image of public traasport, walking and cycling in most of the participating countries. The presence of experts from developed European countries was advantageous as the participants also shared experiences on the processes and the procedures in urban planning, contracting public transort operators and financing sustainable mobility.

The participants request more information on the topics of social impact assessment in mass transit projects and also learn the various funding schemes and models that exist in different countries.

The full list of presentations and the exercise can be downloaded from the link below:

Training course exercise for participants

This is the exercise shared with the participants in the training course. The exercise was initially conceived by Dr Lloyd Wright of the Asian Development Bank.

Public Transport Planning, Management, Integration and Transit Alliances
  • Manfred Breithaupt, Senior Transport Advisor, GIZ
Land Use and Urban Transport Planning
  • Santhosh Kodukula, EcoMobility Program Manager, ICLEI - EcoMobility
How to support urban access for all?
  • Manfred Breithaupt, Senior Transport Advisor, GIZ


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