Global Harbor Cities Forum and EcoMobility Forum 2016


2016 Global Harbor Cities Forum

Kaohsiung hosted two events this September in relation to sustainable urban mobility: the Global Harbor Cities Forum and EcoMobility Forum 2016.

The Global Harbor Cities Forum attracted around 200 speakers and representatives from 49 cities in 25 countries and territories to discuss ways of promoting sustainable economic growth in port metropolises and fostering international networks.

The EcoMobility Forum 2016 was a stakeholder meeting to prepare for the EcoMobility World Festival 2017. During the Forum, the relevance of EcoMobility for Kaohsiung was detailed and experiences from the previous EcoMobility World Fesitval in Suwon where related. Participants had a chance to learn from the experiences of Copenhagen and Sydney as their city representatives related a path towards a more ecomobile urban mobility even in highly car oriented cities. The importance of involving all stakeholders was shown and a call for everyone to be part and organizer of the Festival in 2017 was expressed.


Panel discussion with all speakers and moderators to answer questions from stakeholders.

The Forum concluded with a panel discussion that was greatly focused on behavioral change from motorized vehicles towards non motorized and its limitations. Mr. Santhosh Kodukula, EcoMobility Program Manager, highlighted that integration of several mobility options was the recipe for success.

See all photos from the event here.