Global EcoMobility Forum: Reinventing Urban Mobility

Congestion, air and noise pollution, high energy consumption, CO2 emissions, excessive appropriation of public space by car, road accidents and the consequent reduction of the attractiveness of cities as accessible spaces for socialization and enjoyment of all, are everyday problems in many cities, that require to be urgently debated and addressed.

In this Global EcoMobility Forum, two prestigious speakers, Konrad Otto-Zimmermann and Gil Peñalosa, will present and share creative and innovative solutions to successfully respond to these issues in different cities around the world that have become simultaneously vibrant, dynamic, healthy and accessible. Inspiring solutions for a more equitable distribution of public space and promoting sustainable and eco-efficient transport modes, to allow for better enjoyment of the city and increased economic activity. In this opportunity it will also be presented the initiative “One Less Car”, a movement in favor of a more sustainable urban mobility, which aims to invite citizens to rethink the car’s everyday use in the city and discuss healthier and eco-efficient alternatives.

This meeting is organized by Almada City Council, Local Energy Management Agency of Almada, Lisbon City Council, “One Less Car” Movement and EcoMobility Alliance within the framework of European Mobility Week 2016.

REGISTRATION (participation is free of charge, but registration is required)

AGENEAL, Local Energy Management Agency of Almada

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This Event has simultaneous translation English/Portuguese.