Fuel-cell cars future for Japan

Japan will aim at 40,000 hydrogen-powered cars by 2020 to add to the existing 400 vehicles and 80 hydrogen stations. To push this forward, Japan will also double the hydrogen stations by 2021 and car companies will begin sales of fuel cell vehicles.

“The price of a polymer electrolyte fuel cell should be reduced to ¥800,000 ($7,000) by 2019, from a current subsidized ¥1.42 million, according to the document. For a solid oxide fuel cell, the price needs to be cut to ¥1 million by 2021, from ¥1.77 million now.” – Bloomberg

Read more: http://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2016/03/16/business/japan-eyes-40000-fuel-cell-cars-160-hydrogen-stations-by-2020/#.Vv4vSfl97q7

Photo: hybridcars.com