november, 2018

27novallday28FeaturedTUMI Network of High Ambition Leaders Kick-off WorkshopKick-off workshop of Africa’s TUMI Network of High Ambition Leaders


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TUMI Network of High Ambition Leaders Kick-off Wokshop

27-28 November 2018 – Tshwane, South Africa

ICLEI and GIZ have invited 20 cities from the African continent to participate in a 2-day kick-off event on the TUMI Network of High Ambition Leaders in Tshwane, South Africa from 27-28 November 2018. This year, 6 out of the 10 cities that won the international TUMI Challenge were from the African continent. The Dialogue will bring together Africa’s TUMI Network of High Ambition Leaders for the first time, along with representatives of other African cities who are interested in EcoMobility to share ideas and promote greater collaboration for sustainable transport on the continent.

During the workshop, participants will have an opportunity to share what their cities are doing to advance EcoMobility, to network with other African cities working on similar projects, and to learn from successful projects on the continent. Experts from our host city, Tshwane, will share their experiences of setting up rail, BRT, bike sharing and other modes of mobility, and participants will have opportunities to experience the city’s integrated transport system during planned excursions.

For more information on the TUMI Network of High Ambition Leaders, please visit the website:


november 27 (Tuesday) - 28 (Wednesday)


Tshwane, South Africa


    • Day 1
    • Day 2
    • November 27, 2018
    • 8.00 Gautrain Journey8.00 - 9.30Gautrain Journey

    • 9.30 Welcome and Introductions 9.30 - 10.00Welcome and Introductions

    • 10.00 Mobility in African Cities10.00 - 11.00Mobility in African Cities

    • 11.00 Tea Break11.00 - 11.30Tea Break

    • 11.30 African TUMI Winners11.30 - 12.30African TUMI Winners

    • 12.30 Lunch12.30 - 13.30Lunch

    • 13.30 African EcoMobility Innovations13.30 - 14.30African EcoMobility Innovations

    • 14.30 Working Tea Break14.30 - 15.00Working Tea Break

    • 15.00 Building an African TUMI Network15.00 - 16.30Building an African TUMI Network

    • November 28, 2018
    • 9.00 Lessons from South Africa9.00 - 10.30Lessons from South Africa

    • 10.30 Working Tea Break10.30 - 11.00Working Tea Break

    • 11.00 EcoMobility and Tshwane's Sustainability Plans11.00 - 11.30EcoMobility and Tshwane's Sustainability Plans

    • 11.30 Lessons from Johannesburg's EcoMobility World Festival11.30 - 12.00Lessons from Johannesburg's EcoMobility World Festival

    • 12.00 Lunch12.00 - 13.00Lunch

    • 13.00 Excursion13.00 - 15.30Excursion

    • 15.30 Closing Session15.30 - 16.30Closing Session