Ecomobility: the key to integrated urban mobility

In order to provide cities with concrete tools to implement sustainable transport systems, the second day of the EcoMobility Days was centered around a workshop, facilitated by the SMART Center at the University of Michigan, on Smart Multi-modal Systems mapping and implementation.

The day opened with a series of presentations from cities sharing their efforts on sustainable urban mobility in a great variety of contexts.

During the second half of the day, transport enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, change makers and city officials rolled up their sleeves to work on conceptualising, honing and giving inputs to Quito’s future mobility. Following a methodology of the SMART Center at the University of Michigan, participants spent the afternoon imagining possible ways and suggesting potential synergies to improve the transport system of Quito in a integrated and a multi-modal manner.
Many great ideas emerged from this mapping workshop, which included local transport officials, academics, businesses and their international counterparts. Participants were invited to work on Quito’s existing transportation network, to identify gaps and opportunities to enhance multimodality and to study the mobility grid and identify main attraction lucrative mobility nodes.

This full day ended with presentations from the winners of the MobiPrize, which celebrates entrepreneurship in sustainable urban mobility.