EcoMobility Days

Cities must not be built around automobiles but around people.

Eduardo Del Pozo Fierro, Deputy Mayor, City of Quito, Ecuador

The EcoMobility Days is organized by the EcoMobility Alliance and forms a part of the technical workshop series of the Alliance. The EcoMobility Days combines the main elements that the Alliance offers its members, supporting them in enhancing sustainable mobility, good practice exchanges, tools and methodology trainings and offering a space for high-level discussions on the future of urban mobility.

Past EcoMobility Days

Mr. Manuel de Aruajo, Mayor of Quelimane, Mozambique, shared that bicycles are a key form of transport: “I am not here saying we are using bicycles because we are climate change aware. But it is an opportunity because we can avoid the same development path that most countries have followed.”

EcoMobility Days Bonn 2017

The EcoMobility Alliance hosted two sessions focusing on cities and sustainable transport during COP 23, in November 2017, in Bonn, Germany. These two sessions highlighted innovation in sustainable urban mobility and encouraged the support of local, regional, and national governments under the SDGs. The goal was to share data, knowledge and successful examples of new mobility initiatives in cities.
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The EcoMobility Days was organized by the EcoMobility Alliance, with support from partners such as FIA Foundation, EUROCLIMA and various other organizations working in the area of urban mobility.

EcoMobility Days Quito 2016

From 16 to 20 October in Quito, Ecuador, the EcoMobility Days gathered local representatives, change-makers from the public and the private sectors, and urban mobility enthusiasts.

All throughout the five days, more than 15 cities across the world presented their efforts in terms of sustainable urban mobility. The great number of presentations represented the diversity of challenges and the solutions local governments intend to overcome these challenges.

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