10 Nov 2017

Bonn, Germany

  • EcoMobility Day Bonn 2017

Maintaining the momentum of the 2015 Paris Agreement, cities make continuous efforts to reduce carbon emissions from the transport sector. Priority areas for action to address the transforming transportation landscape at a local level include new service models, technologies, integration mechanisms, policy frameworks, safety and financing.
The sessions will focus on bringing sustainable mobility to cities around the world along with companies, and NGO’s. On the 10th of November the sessions are open for all participants of the COP 23 conference.

Strengthening EcoMobility through cooperation (objectives)

The main purpose of the EcoMobility Day Bonn is to bring ambitious cities together to collectively deliberate on ecomobility and find ways forward to implement ecomobility in cities. The event will also create interactions with representatives of national governments and discussions about cooperation among national, regional and local governments, as well as with progressive private sector and civil society players, with the goal of sustainable urban development planning and implementation.
City-to-city exchange activities in the event will help participating cities advance their urban mobility agenda and inspire local leaders to make transportation cleaner and more accessible, to create liveable public spaces, and to increase safety for people using non-motorized transport. Partner cities have also defined areas for further work in various themes, including urban logistics, shared mobility, and the identification of a stronger link between mobility and health.


About 100 participants are expected for the EcoMobility day. To manage the limited space, interested participants are requested to register through the EcoMobility website starting in August.


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About the Alliance

The EcoMobility Alliance is a group of ambitious cities that have achieved results in certain dimensions of sustainable mobility, and are striving to reach similar results in other EcoMobility fields. These cities aim to achieve world class excellence in EcoMobility.