Dresden’s Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan 2025plus

Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan 2025plus

The 2025-plus Dresden Transport Development Plan is intended as a bridging document between different plans for noise pollution, air quality, public transport, various transport measures and concepts and other sectoral plans, including the zoning plan, that relate to transport.

In the SUMP 2025plus, the City of Dresden has at its disposal a well substantiated strategy for the coordinated, balanced development of transport in the city. The SUMP is closely intermeshed with the city’s urban guidelines, such as InSEK, the Integrated Urban Development Concept and the clean air, noise reduction and energy/climate protection plans. Our SUMP is also an important cornerstone of Dresden’s new land use plan. -Stefan Szuggat, Head of City of Dresden Urban Planning Office

The Dresden SUMP provides upcoming transport plans and activities with a strategic focus, compares the costs and effects and highlights priorities and identifies urgent tasks.