Mobility is a prerequisite to social and economic opportunities, making transport development an urgent issue
that confronts cities across the world. Cities are increasingly recognizing the need to create a sustainable mobility system, albeit at varying stages of implementation. With the pressing issues of congestion, air pollution, inequality, and climate change, the question is no longer if a sustainable and ecomobile transportation system will exist but when. Effective implementation can be realized by making an informed decision. This is imperative because you cannot manage what you do not know.

This report demonstrates how the EcoMobility SHIFT+ tool can be adopted to assess and measure the transportation system of six cities in China, India, and Uganda. The EcoMobility SHIFT+ is a useful tool for local authorities to measure, assess, and act to improve ecomobility. Furthermore, evaluation and monitoring is an essential step in the process of developing sustainable urban mobility plans.

The analysis presented in this report is a result of the multiple stakeholder discussions; literature review of the documents or policies provided by the project cities; capacity building workshops; peer-to-peer city exchange; study visits; and thematic working group discussions implemented under the “Cities SHIFT: Capacity building and networking for climate- and people-friendly mobility” project. Tailored interventions are recommended by engaging the different stakeholders, ranging from public officials to the national transportation research center to informal transport operator representatives.

In summary, a functioning and well-informed governing institution to invest in excellent mobility services and infrastructure complemented with an integrated urban and land-use design are enabling factors for equitable access and mobility. Drawing on the analysis and narratives raised by the multi-stakeholder groups in these six cities, the resulting recommended actions for policymakers are also presented in this report. A sustainable and ecomobile transport system is not an overnight miracle but a continuous and committed process of nurturing and making the right decisions.