The EcoMobility Congresses

The EcoMobility Congress provides with a fresh, visionary and enriching perspectives on sustainable urban mobility. The congresses aim to provide comprehensive international knowledge in the field of EcoMobility, defined as non-motorized transportation, cycling, walking and the use of public transportation, with special focus on intermodality. Renowned transportation experts from around the globe will present some of the world’s best case studies, and participants will learn how to kick start and implement good policies while engaging in fruitful debates about mobility for the future of sustainable cities.

Congress Vision: To transform EcoMobility into the main urban transportation solution in the world
We are living on a planet that is under stress. Car dominance is one of the key factors that accounts for that. While citizens have available a plethora of sustainable mobility solutions, unfortunately these have not yet gained enough momentum. But the planet cannot wait. Nor can our cities, which find themselves increasingly trapped into a contend between opposing interests and needs. We urgently need to create an EcoMobility culture to recover the livability of our cities, democratize mobility, and help mitigating climate change.

Sharing knowledge: Profit from the combined knowledge of decision-makers, experts and advocates

Making EcoMobility the preferred choice of a larger share of people is the task ahead. Typical piecemeal approaches are beneficial, but the challenge is complex and requires the joint contribution of different fields of expertise. The EcoMobility Congress brings together the players whose concerted effort can make a change: urban planners, politicians, business and industry representatives, transportation experts, NGO members, researchers and officers from international organizations.

Diversity of experiences: Plenary and parallel sessions, workshops, and study visits
Congress participants will engage in a range of learning and knowledge-sharing experiences. The marketplace will offer attendees the opportunity to discover cutting-edge EcoMobility vehicles, products and services. Plenary sessions with keynote speakers will be complemented by workshops and study visits in the host city. A networking platform on the Congress website will help participants in connecting with each other.