City of Sydney completes the EcoMobility SHIFT Audit

The City of Sydney has successfully completed the EcoMobility SHIFT audit in November 2015. Sydney becomes the first city in Australia to adopt the EcoMobility SHIFT assessment and audit scheme to measure the performance of its transport system.

The city has scored 78.6% giving the city a silver label for the urban transport performance. The city has made bold plans to improve its bicycling network and walking facilities. The new urban tram project in the city centre will benefit Sydney to improve air quality and decongest the city centre.

Sydney is also advancing a great extent in promoting shared mobility. The city currently has the fastest growing car-sharing network. The electrification of municipal fleets is contributing towards the city’s goals to reduce dependence on fossil fuels to power vehicles.

While, the city acknowledges that there are various areas for improvement, plans are being developed to fill these gaps and provide a integrated, convenient and accessible transport system for the citizens.

About EcoMobility SHIFT:

The EcoMobility SHIFT is a total quality measurement system for urban mobility in cities. The SHIFT scheme was developed by ICLEI and partners for European cities in 2013, since then the scheme has been adapted to various other geographical regions around the world. Cities implementing the SHIFT scheme would get feedback on their existing urban transport performance and thus can strengthen and create mobility plans or action place to improve the mobility performance.