City of Gothenburg is transforming highways into city streets

The city of Gothenburg has 10 000 new inhabitants per year with a dense city center but a rather sprawled intermediate city. Much of this sprawl is due to big highways that take up much of the urban space. Strategic points to densify have been identified and the city will no longer grow out of its current boundary. This is in order to ensure walkability since

“A pedestrian friendly city needs density” (UN-Habitat 2012; bevolking by hectar: higher density less trips by car).

As part of this densifying strategy, the city is looking into how to transform highways to city streets and boulevards, with public transport and greenery. Gothenburg will be transformed into an ecomobile city!

New roads, bridges, cycle paths and expanded public transport will make it easier to get around in the city, both for private individuals and the business sector. Gothenburg will go from being a large town, to a green and close city, where nothing is far away.

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Photo: City of Gothenburg