Cities that promote health

CicLAvia Wilshire 06-2013

Cities are providing built environments that expose people to health impacts. The public spaces available for the citizens are generally consisted of streets (70-90%) and it is motorized transport the dominant occupant of them. With rapid urban growth and sprawl, cars have been often prioritized and new lanes and speed has been promoted instead of parks and public places.

Cities today have obesity problems along with road traffic fatalities that threaten the lives of its citizens. This needs to change, cities need to develop with people in mind, not cars and promote healthy, happy communities. Cities need to enhance non motorized transport and public spaces.

“We must improve the use of all land that is public. It belongs to all people. We must stop building cities as if everyone was 30 years old and athletic and create great cities for all”-  Gil Penalosa, Founder and Chair of the Board of 8 80 Citiesand World Urban Parks

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Photo: CicLAvia, Wilshire Boulevard (2013)