Buenos Aires on the top 20 of bycicle-friendly cities

Buenos Aires has now reached number 14th on The Copenhagenize Index 2015 – Bicycle-friendly Cities with its efforts of building 140km of cycling infrastructure in 3 years and a bike sharing programme.  Along with this there is the right political will and investments in mobility such as bus rapid transit lines and traffic calmed streets.

“In a shockingly short amount of time, Buenos Aires has succeeded in modernizing itself to include bicycles as transport. In the past three years, over 140 km of bicycle infrastructure has been implemented.”

The list of the top cities goes as following:

1. Copenhagen
2. Amsterdam
3. Utrecht
4. Strasbourg
5. Eindhoven
6. Malmö
7. Nantes
8. Bordeaux
9. Antwerp
10. Seville
11. Barcelona
12. Berlin
13. Ljubljana
14. Buenos Aires

Source: http://copenhagenize.eu