Almada Sustainable Urban Logistics Plan

A Sustainable Urban Logistics Plan has been developed by the city of Almada, Portugal with the support of a EIE funded project called ENCLOSE. It is part of the Sustainable UrbanMobility Plan (SUMP) is a strategic plan that builds on existing planning practices and takes due consideration of integration, participation, and evaluation principles to satisfy the mobility needs of people today and tomorrow for a better quality of life in cities and their surroundings.


Diagram of the multimodal transport system in Almada (2012)

In line with the sustainability policies of the EC, the Municipality of Almada has set up relevant policies on transport and mobility in the last decade in order to face significant traffic problems due to the large number of private cars and commercial vehicles. This strategy is focused on the development of a multimodal transport system by the integration of the different mobility services, the enhancement of the overall accessibility to the public transport network, the promotion of soft mobility modes and alternative vehicles and fuels. In recent years, Almada’s urban mobility system has undergone a major change with the emergence of new modes of rail transport, defining new rules of circulation and parking, enhancement of public space and the increasing integration of ecomobile modes such as walking and cycling. The document also provides an overview of the main mobility and transport system components that are relevant for the implementation of the logistics solutions analysed in the study.

A series of actions have been adopted in Almada in order to reduce emissions and energy consumption of 20% by 2020. Regarding urban logistics, the  total CO2 emissions amounts to 1.289 ton CO2/year. Existing logistics services in the urban area are currently performed individually by every single operator.

Urban Consolidation Centre and last mile delivery services

Urban Consolidation Centre and last mile delivery services

Almada’s second generation Mobility Plan (called Strategic Plan for Urban Mobility – PUMA), for the overall Almada municipal area is currently under development and is based on the guidelines for the development of SUMP elaborated by the European Commission.The PUMA encompasses the adoption of some specific services and development of support infrastructures and until now includes the following areas:

  • Almada Centre and the “Old town”: creation of shared zones/low speed zones (20km/h) and pedestrian areas in the street network;
  • Residential areas: traffic calming measures, speed limits and parking specific rules;
  • Cacilhas area and the ferry harbour zone: traffic calming measures and pedestrian streets.

The city is now implementing some of its measures and would be very happy to work with the EcoMobility Alliance Members and further develop this field of sustainable urban logistics.

Download the Almada Sustainable Urban Logistics Plan

Photo: Rendering of a possible layout for loading/unloading parking spaces, Almada City