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About EcoMobility Alliance

Cities committed to EcoMobility

The EcoMobility Alliance is a network of selected committed cities led by innovators and visionaries, supported by experts and businesses. The EcoMobility Alliance cities are a select group of ambitious cities that have achieved positive results in specific dimensions of sustainable mobility, and that strive to reduce their dependence on fossil fuel-based personal automobiles. The vision is that of vibrant cities, where communities and organizations can access goods, services, people and information in an ecomobilemanner.

Through a service-oriented structure, collective learning exercises, peer-to-peer exchanges and joint activities, Alliance Cities help each other to reach self-set goals. An Alliance Secretariat along with a group of Partners from business, transport, user and governmental sectors will support Alliance Cities through their expertise, experience, and technology.

The EcoMobility Alliance is a network jointly established by ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability and Kaohsiung City, who generously funds the Alliance until the end of 2018.

The Alliance in Numbers

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The Alliance Structure

The EcoMobility Alliance is planned for a span of 6 years with 3 phases of 2 years each. The EcoMobility Alliance is currently composed of 23 Alliance Cities and is serviced by the Secretariat along with various Alliance Partners. On a rotating basis, one of the Alliance cities acts as the Alliance Chair and hosts the Chair Office, an important role for representation and coordination purposes.

Alliance Secretariat

relevant planning and executing roles. The Secretariat is based in ICLEI World Secretariat, Bonn, Germany.

Alliance Chair

hosts the Chair Office, an important role for representation and coordination purposes

The Alliance Chair

The EcoMobility Alliance is currently chaired by Mr. Hsu Li-Ming, Acting Mayor of Kaohsiung. As an Alliance Chair, the city supports the exchange of expertise among ambitious entities in the field of EcoMobility.

Kaohsiung has already implemented a number of measures to reduce car dependency, including the development of a bike rental system with 160 stations so far, and 755 kilometers of cycle paths. In addition, the city already has multiple public transport systems, including MRT, high speed rail, the Taiwan Railway, city buses, ferries, solar boats, and light rail (the first of its kind without catenary cables in Asia).

The Alliance Mandate

The Alliance mandate is to promote EcoMobility internationally in both industrialized and developing countries. The Alliance’s key activity areas are the following:

Set the standards on how to measure ecomobility in cities: The EcoMobility Alliance, through ICLEI, is coordinating the EcoMobility SHIFT project, which will establish a labeling scheme and a quality management system to stimulate cites in improving their sustainable mobility policies.

Promote and advocate for ecomobility in cities, towns and rural settlements on the basis of its beneficial effects on health conditions, air cleanness, noise avoidance, and efficient use of public space, energy efficiency and citizens’ savings.

Encourage investment and identify opportunities for improvement in ecomobile infrastructure and systems in order to make ecomobility a feasible and attractive mobility option for people around the world.