Air quality measures for cars in Mexico City

Last week Mexico City has pulled out another temporary periodic ban on private and federal vehicles. This ban which has been in different forms already established for almost 30 years with the goal of mitigating air pollution. Last month, the first pollution alert in 11 years happened when the Air Quality Index scale passed the 200 mark. One of the reasons Mexico City has high air quality problems its its geographical location, it is a plain which used to be a lake and it is surrounded by a ring of volcanic peaks. The City has also a large amount of cars (4.7m) and 1.1m have been banned and offered public transport alternatives.

“The rule — which will be in effect from 5 April through 30 June — prohibits driving in the city one day each week and one Saturday each month.”

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Image: Real-time World Air Quality Index map created by the Beijing-based advocacy group, World Air Quality.