Achieving and enabling EcoMobility: New and shared forms of mobility

The second in the series of the EcoMobility Dialogues presented this October 2015 in Johannesburg, South Africa focused on “Achieving and enabling EcoMobility: New and shared forms of mobility”, with the view of exploring the potential that shared mobility has towards an integrated transport system in emerging countries, particularly in South Africa. This day long dialogue focused on exploring how shared mobility can contribute towards an integrated transport system in emerging countries in general and South Africa in particular. The advent of shared mobility especially bike sharing, car sharing, carpooling and e-hailing are inevitable in cities. These concepts also introduce new vehicle types including innovative human-powered and/or electric vehicles. Cities have different takes on the concepts and various business models exist. While some cities have embraced the new concept some are either hesitant or are unaware of certain schemes.

This dialogue also focused on the role of shared mobility in promoting EcoMobility. From minibus taxis, bike sharing, car sharing, to new technologies, the dialogue highlighted the history, existing challenges and the question of innovation. The afternoon panel discussions saw further engagement around regulation, governance, and inter-modality. It provided the platform for different stakeholders to engage with each other on questions surrounding regulation, governance, and inter-modality while exploring opportunities to foster understanding and partnerships in moving forward.

Keynote Speaker 

New mobility, the whole enchiladaSusan Zielinski, SMART, Sustainable Mobility & Accessibility Research & Transformation; University of Michigan, USA. (download presentation)

Case studies: 

  1. The business of disruption: Alon Lits, General manager, UBER, South Africa (download presentation)
  2. Bike sharing EcoBici: Iván De la Lanza, Director of Design, Culture and Bicycle Infrastructure, Mexico (download presentation)
  3. Africa’s first car sharing network: Ntando Kubheka, Locomute, South Africa (download presentation)
  4. Processing Kaohsiung as an EcoMobility City Ching-Fu Chen, Director General of Transport, Kaohsiung City (download presentation)
  5. Minibus and taxi industry at a glance Peter Mabe, Taxi Representative, Johannesburg (download presentation)

Panel discussion:

Introduction to the panel discussion: Technical Coordinator and Dissemination of the Lisbon Region at EU FP 7 DOROTHY Urban Logistics, Portugal/Switzerland. (download presentation)